Questions answered

Who is FemGems Club for?

FemGems Club is for early stage female founders, solo-founders, co-founders, mompreneurs and side hustlers. You can be at idea stage, have an MVP, about to incorporate or already be generating revenue. FemGems will provide you with the guidance, support and accountability you need throughout your startup journey.

How does it work exactly?

1. Mentorship
Once you apply and have been selected, you will be matched to a Mentor who will help you tackle the goal or challenge you specified in your application. Based on the guidance you receive on your mentoring call, you define your next actions steps and break them down into measurable goals with deadlines.

Our mentoring sessions are 1-on-1 calls taking place twice a month. Each time, you are being matched to a mentor based on the question/challenge you are currently facing, so you get the insights and guidance you need to move forward and drive the results you want to achieve.

2. Accountability
Together with your Progress Partner, you commit to achieving your goals and holding each other accountable each week. It is crucial that you meet all deadlines you set for yourself and produce high-quality work. We track the progress of each member and make sure deliverables are done. Founders who do not meet their own deadlines may be asked to leave FemGems Club.

Joining FemGems Club means joining a curated community of engaged and driven individuals who are committed to growing and helping each other. Our commitment is to ensure that as a member of FemGems Club, you'll be surrounded by rising entrepreneurs to align yourself with, learn from and be supported by.

3. Mastermind
Mastermind meetings take place on a bi-weekly basis. The groups consist of 4 to 6 members and shuffle each month. To be effective, groups operate on clear structures, rules and commitments.

Each group member commits to attend all group meetings and be on time. Everything shared in the group, no matter how minor, is treated as confidential. Mastermind groups provide a safe, non-judgemental space to advise and support each other in all areas of their life, including professional, family and personal. Each group member commits to provide their peers with a supportive, safe environment.

What's the time commitment?

You work directly on your business ideas and goals, and so the time you invest will correspond to the results you commit to achieve. The FemGems support structure aims to bring you the most value, so that you stay on track with your goals. A minimum of 2 hours a week go into preparation and follow up work around accountability and mentorship. Same applies to the mastermind meetings.

Is it all online?

Yes. Our goal is to provide cross-border support and include those who are otherwise unable to participate in mentoring relationships and startup support systems due to geographical location or other restricting life circumstances.

We save you the time spent in searching for the right people to talk to and give you direct access to them. No need to commute to meetings – all can be done from the comfort of your home!

Who are the mentors?

Mentors are female entrepreneurs we feature on FemGems podcast, as well as other hand-picked entrepreneurial role models from our extended network. Follow us on instagram, facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn to get updated as we announce every new mentor joining FemGems Club.

Why is it a subscription?

We have participated in various startup programs, incubators and accelerators ourselves, and were always sad when they were over. Entrepreneurship is one of the most challenging paths you can take in life, and we believe every founder needs ongoing support and guidance, not just an intensive one-time program. This is why FemGems Club is a subscription-based membership.

We differentiate ourselves from the one-size-fits-all approach a lot of startup programs operate on. At FemGems, you define your goals. As a founder, you are the one who makes decisions and takes ownership. We are here to help you achieve the things you want to achieve.

Who is behind this?

FemGems Club is born out of FemGems Podcast and the desire to create access to the valuable experience and knowledge of the inspiring role models we feature on our podcast.

We are a small remote team of values-driven women who share a common purpose – putting the hashtag Empowered Women Empower Women into practice. If you want to get to know us, check out our social media channels and watch out for our team webpage that's coming soon! :)